So The Story Goes…

Dear Family & Cherished Friends,

I hope this letter finds you safe, vaccinated, healthy & happy.

Our story begins in 2019. Mark & Sarah met at the house of a mutual friend where Mark was renting. For the first few encounters neither paid the other much attention. Then, for no defining reason, attention was paid. Plans to go for a walk and a chat were made. Interest in a friendship formed. Within days, confessions of adoration were proffered and a decision to give it a try was had.

A tale as old as time, within months, Sarah & Mark were living together, but alone no longer. The world was about to expand, +1. Without hesitation, a proposals were discussed & accepted. Baby now, wedding Spring, 2021. 3 months later, the all too silent tragedy of natural abortion – miscarriage at 11 weeks. This discovery was mere weeks after the loss of Sarah’s 18 year feline companion. Joy returned with a visit from Mark’s daughter & mom. Followed by an exciting season of working together running a shop for the full 8 week run at the Minnesota Renaissance festival.

Mark & Sarah moved to smaller accommodations (675 sq ft!!) with the focus of stability in new surroundings. While the world began to grind to a slow crawl in early 2020, Sarah was hired for one of her dream jobs; working from home managing an application within a corporate organization. 3 months later, the company Mark had been working at as a Systems Administrator for 6 years closed the branch they had been planning to downsize. Mark & Sarah survived working from home together in a 1 bedroom apartment. Being naturally semi-introverted, and too poor to go out, the onset of The Pandemic did not cause a dramatic impact. Living one 4 roll bag of toilet paper to the next and cooking at home was already common. Sarah indulged in her joy of baking & Mark explored the world of yeast with Sour Dough. Sadly, Henrietta, one of the twin kitties Sarah took in 9 years ago was diagnosed with poly cystic kidney disease and wasted away over the Summer. This left only Mr. Penguin & a sense of emptiness.

Having regained some stability, Mark & Sarah moved to rent a home in St. Paul. Here, Sarah has a loft for her office & hobbies. Mark, has the basement for building an in home networking lab for practicing to earn certifications. The main level has enough room for these two elder bachelors to find harmony in the patterns of life. Up the alley, is a friend of Sarah’s who was critical in her recovery of the domestic abuse brain injury she survived in 2013. Apple Cider, a 3 yr old tortoiseshell ( tortie ) cat joined our family in December 2020, returning a sense of joy and fullness to our home. The fullness of time has brought healing, friendship, vaccinations and recovery. Mark & Sarah look forward to knowing if her contract will be bought by the company or if the skills she has grown will be transported elsewhere. There are plans to purchase a home in 2022 instead of continuing to rent. Savings are accumulating & location ideas jump in and out of focus. For now, life is peaceful, joyful and productive.

In sickness & health. In riches & debt. In a 675 sq ft apartment on pandemic lock down. Mark & Sarah have truly been a joy to each other over the worst of times. It is now time to look forward to the best of times.

Mark & Sarah are delighted to announce their signing of legal paperwork to confirm their spoken commitment on June 5, 2021. Joining forces to become Mr. & Mrs. Park. The full ceremony & reception will take place on April 1, 2023 in the presence of as many family and friends who can attend in Minnesota. Location TBD. Formal Announcements to follow in 2022.

1 thought on “So The Story Goes…

  1. Tammy says:

    Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!
    Congratulations on this milestone in a beautiful love story!!
    Shedding tears of joy in Alaska for your special happiness .
    Grandpa-tight bear hugs will be delivered in July.

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